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This Is, Indeed, The Time To Short GameStop



The time to short a stock is when it’s going to go down. Of course, it’s entirely possible to misjudge that time as sometimes those pesky kids will stop you getting away with it.

Despite a 400 per cent rise in the stock price last week, the number of shares on loan to short sellers fell by only 8 per cent last week, according to S3 Partners, the analytics group.

The higher the stock of this dog goes the better it’s looking as a short.

Stubborn hedge fund managers are refusing to admit defeat in their battle with an army of amateur investors who have united to push up the price of Gamestop shares.

Because the army’s not going to be coordinated all that long.



  1. The bored, white guys with stimulus checks and a few extra dollars probably can’t stay focused long enough to cause the big boys serious long-term harm. Likely felt good getting a couple shin kicks in, though.


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