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There’s A Slight Problem With This Latest Cunning Plan



From the American Prospect. A surefire way to bring on that progressive future:

Making Industrial Policy Work
We need a smart and systematic process, not just pretty goals.

OK, how are we going to do that?

One really smart idea is a bill created by Rep. Marcy Kaptur of Ohio, co-sponsored by Democrat Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota with lead Republican co-sponsors Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio and Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania. The bill would create a high-level Office of Manufacturing and Industrial Innovation at the White House to set priorities and coordinate government-wide consistent strategies and goals. The office would be responsible for creating a national strategic plan. It would also house a Coordinating Council, whose members included all the relevant Cabinet departments.

We;ll stick some bureaucrats in a room and it will work.

Because Gosplan did work so well, didn’t it?



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