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Apparently there’s some distress at the BBC over boohoo, that online retailer of tat clothing:

Online retailer Boohoo is investigating why the same items of clothing were sold for higher prices across a number of its fashion labels.

The BBC discovered that Dorothy Perkins and Coast, which are both owned by Boohoo, sold exactly the same coat but it cost £34 more at Coast.

There are price disparities across a range of Boohoo brands, which also include Oasis and Warehouse.

The secret is, of course, in that word “brand”. This being what a brand is, that miasma of beliefs, fashion, social status, market segmentation, capture of the consumer surplus and all that which enables a different price to be charged for the same item.

The same reason Skodas are cheaper than Audis, even if they’re made in the same factory.

Or even, the reason we’re told we should believe the BBC more than other media – because of the brand, you know?



  1. I am about to change my car and Skoda are one of the two main contenders. But now you have told me that they are made in the same factory as Audis…..

    • Not actually in the same factory, but they’re all part of VAG, of course. Skodas may share key components with over group models, but I liked mine very much and it was significantly cheaper than an Audi (or even a VW).

  2. My mates mum was a seamstress in the 60’s and 70′, running up frocks for a small business. Different label sown in the back depending on the retailer. Different retailer, different price, same dress……

  3. Labels are sometimes helpful, especially to the poor, ignorant, plebs.

    That’s the reason that cheap women’s knickers were once labelled ‘C and A’ – then the wearer knew which was the front and which was the back.

    What the heck is indicated by ‘M and S’ ?

  4. You do get nicer upholstery in the Audi. Buy mostly, yeah, you’re paying over the top for a prettier receptionist and better coffee when you buy it.

    There was a people carrier that came out of a Spanish factory for VW, Seat and Ford, where the only difference was the badges. The VW badges were £2K, the Ford badges were £1K and the Seat badges were free.


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