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Proof, From The EU, That We Don’t Need The EU



We can – as some have – shout that look at us with our approved vaccine and aren’t we a fabulous country? It is true that we are fabulous and the vaccine might even be support for that.

Of course, a counter argument – also one being used – is that in fact, haters, the vaccine is being made in Belgium and doesn’t that just show that we need European cooperation. This counter argument also has the merit of being true.

European politicians have mocked Britain’s celebration of its status as the first nation to roll out a vaccine against coronavirus.

Belgian and French ministers made thinly-veiled swipes as the UK marked the first doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech jab being administered to vulnerable Britons on Tuesday.

Boris Johnson applauded the efforts of British doctors, scientists and volunteers in paving the way to the UK becoming the first nation to approve the vaccine.

“Today the first vaccinations in the UK against Covid-19 begin. Thank you to our NHS, to all of the scientists who worked so hard to develop this vaccine, to all the volunteers – and to everyone who has been following the rules to protect others. We will beat this together,” he said on Twitter.

Alexander de Croo, Prime Minister of Belgium, hit back tweeting an image of an EU flag and writing “Made in Europe”, referring to the Belgian manufacturing origins of the first tranche of vaccine doses rolled out in the UK.

All entirely true and so. This bit isn’t:

That little EU flag is the bit that ain’t.

For Britain is currently outside the European Union. OK, fine and fair enough and so what?

Well, the claim oft advanced is that we need to be inside the EU in order to cooperate with places within the EU. Even, that the EU is the manner by which European nations can and must cooperate.

So, what is the evidence here? Our Belgian is dancing with glee at proving that we in Britain, people outside the EU, are cooperating with some Belgians, people inside the EU, without both being members of the EU – that system necessary for Europeans to cooperate with each other.

That is, the proof is that we don’t need the EU to cooperate. Which is nice to know and also quite obvious. It’s just nice to have the federasts pointing this out to us, isn’t it?



  1. And, treating the EU like any other third world operation where manufacturing is cheaper than in the rich nation where the “thinking” went on. See Apple engineering in America and Apple assembly in China, etc.

  2. The EU has libraries of burdensome regulations to keep third world products out. FFS we South Africans had to blow a few billion on useless wind turbines to get the EU seal of approval for agricultural exports. Of course we South Africans had our own burdensome regulations to keep American frozen chicken out, protecting fifty thousand jobs and requiring fifty million consumers to pay double for local frozen chicken of inferior quality. Boggling is almost my full time occupation these days.


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