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In Praise Of Capitalist Mining Companies



As we all know capitalism is the terror of our ages, the capitalists the oppressors. So, instead we should all go and do smaller scale, communally owned stuff. Like, say, digging our own gold mines:

At least 50 killed in collapsed gold mine in east Congo, says NGO

That’s obviously the capitalists killing the colonised, clearly:

Cave-in occurred at artisanal mine, in an industry where fatalities are common

Ah, no, that’s not what artisanal means. What artisanal does mean is that there are no capitalists involved. Instead this is just the people themselves with a few shovels and baskets. At which point 50 people die.

This being the advantage that capitalism brings. By definition, the economic structure means that capital can be sought from outside the group of people working on something. This is the other side of that more usual interpretation which is that the capitalists get to own stuff they don’t work upon.

So, what happens when a few hundred poverty stricken peeps mobilise their shovels and go dig gold? 50 people die, that’s what. And what happens when capitalists are involved? Tens of millions of $ are sunk into machines and diggers and secure mineshafts and cages and lifts and and and…..

Capitalism saves the lives of miners that is. Which is nice, isn’t it, capitalism therefore being a good thing?



  1. I thought that you were celebrating RioTinto’s CEO and head of Iron Ore and the woman in charge of “Indigenous Affairs” getting sacked for allowing a sacred site to be damaged to expand a mine. In contrast to the zero punishment of NCB officials for the Aberfan disaster of which we have just been reminded (without a mention by the BBC that NCB was a nationalised industry).


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