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How Is People Raising Finance A Problem For The City?



It’s one of those wonders, how people end up writing for a city page. Perhaps not so much with the modern manner of recruiting people of course – have you a postgraduate journalism degree? Can you do an unpaid internship? Rather than what we might think more sensible, do you know anything about the subject?But they’re recruiting as they are which is why we get things like this:

Germany turbocharges green investment in threat to the City

How is Germany aiming for green investment going to be a threat to the City? All that green investment is going to lose money perhaps?

Germany is planning to turbocharge green investment as the rebound from Covid coincides with tighter net zero targets, while Angela Merkel’s party faces a serious threat from the Greens in September’s federal elections.

The Government has announced new plans to cut Germany’s carbon emissions by almost two-thirds by 2030 and to zero by 2045, compared to previous proposals for 2050, as well as unveiling a sustainable finance strategy.

This envisages heavy investment in cleaner energy, physical infrastructure, retraining workers and a “circular economy” with more recycling.

It could also pose a threat to the City of London as Germany aims to turn itself into “a leading sustainable finance location”, in part by issuing more green bonds this year.

Err, The City is where people raise money to invest in things. So, someone starts to raise more money to invest in things and this is a threat to the investment marketplace?

Sounds a bit of a stretch really, doesn’t it?




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