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Guerrilla Marketing At The Olympics



Oh I say, this is an absolutely perfect little piece of PR and marketing. It’s nonsense, of course it is, but it’s wonderfully done:

Swimming caps for natural black hair ruled out of Olympic Games
International Swimming Federation rejects use of Soul Cap, saying it does not ‘fit the natural form of the head’

Because black hair is different, right, and it’s necessary for there to be that different cap.

Yes, well, suck on that as you see fit. The point being that it’s nothing at all to do with the Olympics. That’s just the big name event that they’ve hung their little campaign upon:

She said: “We need the space and the volume which products like the Soul Caps allow for. Inclusivity is realising that no one head shape is ‘normal’.”

While other swim caps for afro hair are available they are difficult to find, which, Obe said, created a sense of exclusion for members of the black and minority ethnic community.

“If I walked into my local health club, gym or leisure centre, could I readily pick up one of these (swim caps for afro hair)? No,” said Obe. “Can I walk into a general retail store like Asda, Tesco or Sports Direct and pick one up? No.”

That’s the actual campaign there. To shame all the wokeists into stocking the things.

Entirely masterfully done and I expect it to work very well indeed. Capitalism at its finest even. But do note that it’s the manipulation of issues around race and hair, not actually anything to do with either.



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