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One of the things about an establishment is that it just is absolutely certain that it knows how the rest of us should live. Own, produce, consume, everything is known by those clever folks at the top.

The failure here is that they don’t and can’t so know therefore never can plan. The danger comes from the socialist type of establishment that does try to plan everything. But the error is there is any such establishment.

As with the Telegraph:

Selling our biggest chip factory to the Chinese makes us look hopelessly naive

Who’s we, Paleface?

Do we – or did – “we” own that chip fab? Depends upon who the definition of “we” is of course but I’m absolutely certain the list of owners didn’t include Telegraph columnists. Nor me. So that’s one definition of we out the window. It’s also true that the government didn’t own it. Nor the nation.

As far as I recall it was largely the workforce that did I think. But the point is that ownership means, by definition, being able to dispose as one wishes.

Bessie Smith owned herself, that was the outcome of the brother on brother mess of the 1860s. Cool. So, ain’t nobody’s business, is it?

That means Ben Wright can bugger off:

“The Government is yet to explain why we are turning a blind eye to Britain’s largest semiconductor foundry falling into the hands of an entity from a country that has a track record of using technology to create geopolitical leverage,” says Tom Tugendhat, chairman of the foreign affairs select committee.

When he puts it like that, it does sound kind of odd, doesn’t it? Actually, it’s even odder. We’re talking about computer chips here – the very building blocks of the modern economy.

So can Tugendhat but then we knew that already.

It ain’t yours so bugger off.

Then we do also have that problem about knowledge and all that. The fools are arguing that this plant is all very important. Oh Yes.


Newport Wafer Fab is a high volume 200mm wafer fab. Our production capacity provides capability from 0.18µm and above.

It’s more than a little out of date actually. It’s not just that these people are trying to determine what doesn’t belong to them they’re not even talking about important things.



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