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Can You Say Crowding Out?



There are things which can be done in either the private or public sectors. A standard analysis is that if government starts to do these things that can be done in either manner then it will push out, crowd out, that private sector provision of that thing.

How the lefties laugh at that idea of course. Government is benevolent and how could it end up killing off mere capitalism?

Trainline has been hammered by an investor panic over the launch of a rival state-owned ticketing website as ministers embark on the biggest railway reforms in a generation.

Shares in the travel app plunged more than 23pc, wiping about £400m off the value of one of Britain’s brightest tech stars, despite revelations that the Government’s Great British Railways website is still up to four years away from going live.


So, taxpayers must cough up to produce what the private sector already produces at no cost to taxpayers. Isn’t that a clever idea?

That founding bird who sold chunks of her stock is looking rather sensible now.



  1. “the Government’s Great British Railways website is still up to four years away from going live.”

    Oh god, a government IT project. Expect 10 years late, 400% over budget and still not actually working as a start.


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