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Business As Usual Is Exactly What We Should Be Doing



Another little reportette from that wasteland beyond logic. Covid has meant that poor countries are being really hard hit. So far an entirely sane and sensible observation. Therefore we must do something about this – OK, similarly reasonable. But then comes the insistence that we must not be doing what we were before Covid:

We must also prioritise guarding against future crises – not just tackling climate impacts, which are at the front of many people’s minds today, but also through macroeconomic stability, social systems and infrastructure.

Deepening inequalities mean we must urgently target interventions to the most disadvantaged, particularly women, girls and children with disabilities. Social protection systems need to be inclusive, supporting vulnerable households while preventing non-poor households from falling into poverty.

Strong and sustained international cooperation is essential. The longer we delay, the deeper the damage will be, not just in developing countries but everywhere.

The response of the international community to the crisis is under intense scrutiny, as it should be. A “business as usual” approach will not deliver. Without resilient foundations, countries will be trapped in costly cycles of setback and recovery.

Business as usual is what we were doing before Covid, obviously. But even vague notice being taken of reality will lead us to the conclusion that a return to that business as usual is exactly what we should be doing.

So, consider the effects of neoliberal globalisation. That throwing open of the entire world to the exploitation by capitalist pigdogs of the running kind.

Global inequality was falling. This is one of the complaints, that global inequality is rising as a result of the Covid interruption to that capitalist exploitation. Global poverty was falling – in fact, fell more than it ever has done at any other time in the history of our species. That process was interrupted by Covid breaching the ability of the pigdogs to run.

What is it that we actually desire? We desire less poverty and less inequality. We want the poor countries to be growing faster than the rich. What was business as usual delivering? Exactly those three things. So, in order to gain those three – highly desirable – things we want to return to business as usual, don’t we?



  1. ” not just tackling climate impacts, which are at the front of many people’s minds today, but also…”

    Bollocks! No they are not at the front of normal people’s minds


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