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Brexit Brings Us Cheap Wine



There’s a long way to go on this but this is indeed a start:

The U.K. government said it will scrap a piece of planned red tape on wine imports. a move it said would save 10 pence ($0.14) on each bottle imported into Britain.

Hey, 10 p is 10 p, right?

The British government is also scrapping VI-1 certificates for wine imports from non-EU countries including Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Combined with the EU measure, the decision will save wine importers about 100 million pounds annually, according to the WSTA.

Lots of 10ps. Actually, lots and lots:

Officials estimate the saving for consumers at £130m, while the industry believes it will save £100m on non-EU wines and avoid imposing costs of £70m on those from the continent.

As to what is really happening. In order to stop those damned colonials out three shipping their nice and lovely wine into the European Union there are some pissy little rules about how the wine must be tested before it is shipped. Including taking a sample of the stuff and sending it to a lab for analysis.

This does no good to anyone, shafts smaller producers and generally just makes it more difficult to import wine into the EU. Which is the point of the rules.

OK, but we’ve left, right? The original effect of just transferring all EU legislation into UK was that we’d end up imposing these rules not just on non-EU wine but also on EU wine. So, we’d get all of the costs and the shafting and not even the benefit of protecting domestic producers because we don’t have any.

At which point someone makes the obvious decision – hey, let’s not do this! So, we’re not going to and Huzzah.

Now, how many more millions of pages of this nonsense do we still have to expunge? Are’t there 22,000 words on duck eggs? Or is that 22,000 pages?



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