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A Truly Excellent Piece On Kate Bingham And Vaccine Procurement



La Repubblica has its second truly excellent interview (the earlier one was with the CEO of AstraZeneca) on the subject of vaccines procurement and the, erm, success of the European Union method. Here it’s with Kate Bingham. The UK idea of hiring someone who knows what they’re doing and then letting them get on with it.

It’s really worth reading it all. This stood out for me:

In fact before I even started and before the vaccine task force was even created, the companies in the UK bioprocessing industry came together and started pulling together the key elements that were going to help Oxford scale up their vaccine to industrial scale. This was done because it was the right thing to do. There were no contracts, no agreements to do anything. So the different companies knew that they could manufacture the virus and the people that could put them into vials came together voluntarily. So it was under the Bio Industry Association leadership, and that was only papered, I just think, in May. So they’ve been going for probably three months plus before the AZ deal had even started.

Darn those vicious private sector capitalists, eh? Doin’ stuff entirely voluntarily and three months before government has even thought about it.

But do read it all, it’s really quite, quite, delicious.



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