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So Here’s The Actual Complaint About Amazon’s Diversity



It’s possible that Amazon is simply packed full of thuggish racists who delight in keeping the poor folk down. Possible, even if perhaps a little unlikely.

It’s also possible that we don’t give a damn even if it is. The value of the company to us is the value of the services the company provides to us and how they do so isn’t all that important. Or, perhaps, we could go with the standard economic view and point out that being a racist is expensive. It reduces the available labour pool, increases costs relative to output and therefore isn’t in the shareholders’ interests.

But that’s not, really, what the race equity activists are complaining about. This is:

“Beth is a brilliant operations professional and engineer,” the longtime HR manager added, “but it’s not surprising that these issues would be coming up under her because these aren’t issues she prioritizes or has experience in.”

The Amazon spokesperson said it’s not uncommon for the company to put leaders in charge of an area that they don’t have prior experience in. Other tech giants like Google and Facebook have similarly employed HR leaders who don’t come from a human resources background.

The problem in this case, according to people who’ve worked in diversity roles at Amazon, is that Galetti and her deputies have gone on to hire several key DEI employees who similarly don’t have meaningful experience doing diversity work. Sources pointed out that the head of diversity efforts within Amazon Web Services was for years a white woman who had significant HR experience but no specific expertise in the field of diversity and inclusion. Multiple sources told Recode that they believe this leader didn’t understand the basics of diversity, equity, and inclusion work.

A little decoding is necessary here. The complaint is that the people running the diversity shtick should be “one of us”. Trained by believers in the equity shtick for example. Believers in the equity shtick.

Which leads to two demands. Firstly, the job must be done by someone trained in – brainwashed perhaps – critical race theory. Someone who doesn’t buy that nonsense cannot be trusted because of course that nonsense is the entire point of the exercise.

The second is that someone who doesn’t believe that crock isn’t going to hire all of us who do believe that crock, are they? And what’s the point of there being a gravy train if it’s not possible to get aboard?

The actual complaint here is that Amazon manages its workforce without believing the wilder idiocies stemming from academic grievance mongering departments. And, well, it should, because what are the graduates of academic grievance mongering departments going to do for a living if large companies can’t be browbeaten into hiring them?



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