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Nesrine Malik Makes A Dangerous Career Move



Ms. Malik is, of course, entirely correct in her diagnosis here. The problem is that in this world of the Woken SS it’s very dangerous to start thinking this way:

The cruelty of this kafala system isn’t an unfortunate outcome of bureaucracy, it is the result of a racist hierachy in which black workers find themselves at the bottom. Of all the nationalities that jostle and hustle for a living in the Middle East and the wider Arab world, dark-skinned African women are the cheapest to hire, the most desperate, and the most abused.

Dangerous to a career spent tap dancing to the music of the Wokelied.

For the current insistence is that it is the whites who are responsible for racism. Other exemplars of racism are to be airbrushed. That, say, Fulani/Igbo relations have not been, historically, all that friendly is something not to be mentioned. Northern Sudanese and Dinka equally so – the last slave raiding expeditions we know of were in fact in this century.

Indeed, that entire Arab involvement in the slave trade seems to be something not to be mentioned these days. Statues in Oxford are more important than trans-Saharan caravans.

And yet now we have this tale of how black Africans are at the bottom of that Arab social structure. Which is true, no doubt. As it was true for at least a thousand years of the slave trade – the thing we tend not to be reminded of because Whitey is responsible for all evil. That slave trade which continued up the East Coast at least in to the 1920s because the Royal Navy was still intercepting dhows engaging in it.

Which is where this danger to a career comes in. Ms. Malik gains her position by being British Sudanese to tell us all how responsible and guilty we gammons are. If historical truth is to come into play then that privileged position will be at risk.

Sure, it’s great that truth be told. It’s just rather brave to be saying it given the source and the place of publication.



  1. Even if Whitey is to blame, it’s not Brits. We were latecomers to to international pillaging, the Spanish had been at it for over 300 years before we managed to stop fighting outselves and look over the horizon.


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